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The Most Necessary Poison We Can’t Get Away From...


me me me me meeeee

ME, I do!! Sugar has always been my weakness, especially after getting sober from drugs, my body craves sugar like a mothhhherrr..

If you know me, you knoooow I am obsessed with all things sugar & candy. I am not a fan of chocolate but anything sour or sweet, send it my way!

I did a podcast episode with Jane Dye about sugar addiction last year. I am going to share some things I learned! If you are interested in listening to the podcast episode, I will link it here!

If you are interested in changing your relationship with sugar, you are in the right place!

Jane is a Registered Nurse and she's a certified Holistic Transformational Health Coach. Jane is also a founding member and the senior vice president of the Charleston Metro Holistic Chamber of Commerce. Jane is a highly experienced and trained professional nurse, holistic health coach, health and wellness advocate, speaker, and workshop presenter.

This podcast episode was a fun one to do! I learned all kinds of crazy things I would have never known about sugar and I am excited to share some of those things with you!! Let's just jump right in...

I asked Jane how does what you eat, affect you mentally and physically?

She told me "Cause your life will turn out completely different when you're eating well and when you understand food. Because what we eat changes everything. So when we eat food enters our mouth goes into our stomach, uh, and it gets digested, and then it's absorbed into our blood. Our blood creates. Our organs, our even our thoughts and our feelings."

What is a craving??

"Well, what is important to understand, why you crave and what you crave because most people believe cravings are a problem, but once we realize the body is like a reliable biocomputer that never makes mistakes, we can conclude that cravings are critical pieces of information that the body is trying to send to you.

People don't realize there are just so many delicious. The healthy alternatives that can help reduce or eliminate, um, those sweet cravings.

So craving is simply the body asking for energy because when sugar's digested, it becomes glucose to use for all the body cells. So all carbohydrates contain sugar, but depending upon a comp, chemical composition of being simple or complex, they're processed differently. So processed foods that contain high.

Refined sugars enter the bloodstream almost immediately. Their ingestion causes a rapid rise and blood glucose or sugar levels in the body explained as like a sugar rush. Right. What happens after you do that though? Shortly after. Exactly. So where other natural foods like fruits, um, which also contains some simple sugars.

They're high in fiber, they have fluid, and they slow digestion, limiting the amount of sugar that enters. So your body wants to maintain Allen's blood sugar. So if you're eating simple sugars, you'll provide a quick burst of energy, like you said, with a follow, with a crash, and you are hungry.

So it's no surprise, right, that people have these uncontrollable. Um, sugar cravings and the, it's complicated by the fact that there's sugar everywhere."

How can you kick the sugar habit?

"If I say that sugar is not the problem is actually the solution. Okay, well, what it's important to understand, most people believe cravings are a problem. But once we realize that the body is like a reliable bio-computer that never makes mistakes, we can conclude the cravings are critical pieces of information that the body is trying to send to you so you know what it needs. Because everyone, nearly everyone craves sugar, right?

And when you experience it, most people go to what you know, cookies, candy, and other sweet, not-so-healthy treats. People don't realize there are just so many delicious, sweet, healthy alternatives that can help reduce or eliminate those sweet cravings. So craving is simply the body asking for energy. Because when sugar is digested, it becomes glucose to use for all the body cells. So all carbohydrates contain sugar, but depending upon the complex chemical composition of being simple or complex, they're processed differently."

"So if you're eating simple sugars, you will provide a quick burst of energy, like you said, with a follow with a crash and you're hungry. So it's no surprise, right? People have these uncontrollable sugar cravings. And it's complicated by the fact that there's sugar everywhere."

"To give you a little historical perspective, it's been reported that 160 million Americans suffer from some sort of diet and lifestyle-related condition or disease. And it's important to know that for over 40 years, Americans have been led to think that consuming fat is bad. Where it turns out that sugar, not fat, makes you sick and overweight. Sugar in all its forms causes a root cause for the obesity epidemic, heart disease, hypertension, cancer, dementia, type two diabetes, depression, inflammation, mood swings, fatigue, even acne, infertility, and impotence. So everything, it's got a lot, right and a lot, what we're finding now is insulin resistance, which is where you're just not able to create enough insolence, in response to all of this sugar is also at the root of what's going on"

Jane Asked me: "Any guess -- the average American -- how many pounds of sugar they consume a year???" to which I responded I had absolutely no idea... she told me that:

  • Approximately 352 pounds of sugar a year. Roughly 22 teaspoons every day for every American.

  • "Flour, even whole wheat is considered even worse. I just read about that recently. Because it raises our blood sugar, even more than table sugar, and we consume over 142 pounds of flour a year."

How do we change our Relationship with Sugar??

"So the number one way that we can start changing our relationship with sugar and get away from the cravings and the addiction is to know how to identify the added and hidden sugars and food. So there's a simple calculation. So four grams of sugar equals one teaspoon or one cube of sugar. Once you know that you start looking at food labels. It will blow your way because, for example, do you know how many ounces of how grams of sugar the reason why we can assume?

How do we Eliminate Cravings?

"Eliminate cravings. So the easiest thing we can do is start first incorporating sweet vegetables and fruits. Put them in the diet. What they will do is they will naturally crowd out those foods that we've been dependent upon. And the good news with fruits and vegetables are, there is no limit to how much you really can eat.

That's one of the greatest things about this approach I love, is that it builds this intuitive sense of what do I want. Because it's really important that we not consider only what we. But who we are when we eat is really, really important. So the more you eat, when you eat, how much time do you give yourself to consume a meal?"

So you're gonna slow things down and you give yourself a moment to say, what do I really want to eat? And that's key. Check-in with yourself because the goal here is, is to eat like we did if we had a healthy relationship.

So what do people reach for? Caffeine, sugar, things of that sort, which again, as we discussed, You get a boost, but then you get a crash. So if you can replace some of that by having those fresh foods available, that's critical. Now that we're on the go, one of the best things is to bring along with you some healthy foods, right, that are really portable, that you can throw in your bag, in your car, whatever, and they're there."

Sugar addiction is no joke—brains can rewire themselves to crave sugar, and you can end up with withdrawal symptoms when you don’t get enough of the sweet stuff. Some of the most common sugar addiction symptoms may include headaches, lethargy or feeling tired, cravings, muscle pain, nausea, bloating and even insomnia. In most cases, these symptoms intensify after 24 hours.

Sugar Withdrawl can feel like:

  • Cravings for sweet or high-calorie foods

  • Headaches

  • Brain Fog

  • Muscle aches

  • Nausea

  • Stomach cramps

  • Irritability or anxiety

Some people find that their symptoms last from a few days to a couple of weeks. As your body adapts to a low-added-sugar diet over time and your added sugar intake becomes less frequent, the less intense your symptoms and cravings for sugar are likely to be.

If you are interested in learning more about curving your sugar addiction, you should listen to the full podcast episode! Jane gave me so much information in this episode, it was awesome! If you are interested in reaching out to Jane I will provide some information on her below!

Summary of Expert Credentials:

  • Professional Registered Nurse

  • Certified as a Holistic Health Coach, Mastery Level Transformational Coach, and, Intuitive Intelligence Method Coach

  • Senior Vice President of the Charleston Metro Holistic Chamber of Commerce

  • Founder and President of Precedo Inc.

  • Former Director of Nursing and Medical Training for Health Management Resources

"After years of working in hospital-based nursing practice in psychiatry, I chose to transition to work as a Health Coach providing health and wellness programs focusing on diet and lifestyle change by founding my own company, Precedo Inc. I offer private and group coaching programs to clients throughout the United States. I begin the process with a free initial consultation for those who are curious about how healthy and happy they can be without deprivation and denial to create an easy, fun, and sustainable diet and lifestyle.

I have found that when you help someone see their world differently, to experience their challenges as their gifts, their world changes so they show up differently, and create results that may have seemed unattainable/unimaginable. This empowers my clients to have a better experience of themselves, others, and the world."

Find Jane K Dye Here:

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