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How To Start a Podcast!

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Have you been thinking about starting your own podcast?! I have been where you are, and it wasn't too long ago either!

It took me a little over a year to finally pull the trigger and move forward with Podcasting. My microphone sat in the box for almost 6 months, unopened... Finally one day, I decided I was ready! Imposter syndrome is real - it will slap you, slap it back and get the ball rolling!

So if you are just thinking about it or ready to dive right in, you have come to the right place!! I'm hoping this post will help simplify things for you.

Let's break down the first few steps!

First, you need to find a topic you are passionate about! For me, this is addiction recovery & mental health.

Then you will need to niche that topic down, and down as much as you can, the more specific the better.

Some things to consider at this point:

  • What do you want to call your podcast? (Keep it SEO-friendly)

  • What’s the goal or mission of your podcast?

  • Who is your target audience and what do you want them to get out of it? Get specific on this.

  • Will you do interviews, solo episodes, both, or something unique? - I do interview style for the most part.

  • How long do you want your episodes to be?

  • When and how often will you release episodes?

  • And start thinking about graphics and intro music at this point, too. I got my music from ___

Just like your blog or website, your podcast needs a “home” on the internet, which comes in the form of a podcast host. It works like this: you upload each episode to your podcast host, and all the podcast players, like Apple, Spotify, etc., pull it in from there (once you’ve initially submitted your podcast to them – see below). The host is where you add the title, audio file, etc.

I just started using Red Circle! I met this girl who works for them a few weekends ago in Malibu and I have been loving their platform! And guess what, it's absolutely free.

A few hosting platforms to check out!

BuzzSprout - starts at $12 a month

Lisbyn - starts at just $5 per month

Podbean - starts at $9 a month

Red Circle - free free freee

Here’s the full list of what I recommend you consider ahead of time:

If you really can’t splurge right now, you can get by recording your microphone using Apple headphones, or recording with your computer in a quiet room. There are editing programs that can help improve your sound quality in post-production.

  • A Microphone - I use Samson Q2U and it's been great so far! Another great recommendation is the Audio-Technica

  • A Place to Record - I use my bedroom desk area. Blankets and carpets can help with sound, I record sitting in front of my open wardrobe to improve the sound when doing a solo interview.

  • Editing Software: I use Adobe Audition! You can try out Audacity for free. Or try using iMovie or GarageBand if you have a Mac!

  • Call recording software, if doing interviews - I use Zoom currently. SteamYard is a paid program I've heard good things about!

  • Wireless Mouse - I love using this mouse when I edit my audio! It makes things a lot easier than just using a trackpad.

  • USB C Hub Multi Adapter 7 in 1 - I use this thing daily! I use it to plug in my mouse, microphone, my light ring, and more each time I record an episode!

  • Adjustable Microphone Boom Arm - This makes it super easy to adjust my microphone how I need it!

The right music sets the mood for your podcast and is a huge part of its branding. You’ll use music to record your podcast intro and outro, which leave a lasting impression. You can find a ton of royalty-free tracks online, check YouTube or you can purchase a track you like from PremiumBeat.

When you record your intro, make sure you tell people who you are and what your podcast is about. Add this to every new episode, but you should also do an in-depth introductory episode of your podcast to kick things off

Make sure you secure all your social media accounts in your new brand's name! Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, TikTok, and where ever else you might need to secure your name!

Start a Facebook Group!

In the end, your podcast’s long-term success depends on the connection you build with your listeners. Having a Facebook group helps with that. There are many advantages to starting one! Building a community is so important! I'd love for you to join us!

Here are some ways having a community can help:

● Create a community of your listeners

● Two-way communication with your listeners

● Get real feedback about episodes

● Share supplemental resources to episodes

● Get ideas for new episodes

Starting a podcast is a commitment, and it takes time to grow. I have personally promised myself I'll stick at podcasting for a year and see where it takes me. You might want to consider making a similar commitment.

I use Calendly to schedule my guest's interviews and I've been loving it. It's super user-friendly. I can't recommend it enough.

As the Interview date approaches, I recommend doing some research into your guests. Dig around their blog, social media, or any podcasts they’ve previously been featured on and come up with a set of questions. I have a few google docs full of different types of questions now. Maybe I'll make that into a freebie for you guys!

I don’t send them this list, as I like to see where the conversation takes us.

Ask for ratings and reviews. It feels annoying, but they really do help boost the show, especially any early reviews you can get. So ask on launch day and keep asking over the life of your podcast.

If you are ready to start looking for people to interview or put out a listing about yourself to land some interviews, I've been using to find some guests for my show! It's been great. Just last week I made a listing for myself in hopes to get on some more shows! Want to interview me? Let's Connect! is the #1 radio and podcast guest booking publicity service. Since 2008 the service has been helping thousands of podcasters, show hosts, and radio producers find and book Guest Experts for on-the-air publicity interviews.

If you are enjoying the content I produce, a little caffeine to keep me going would be appreciated!

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