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20 Things I Learned in 2022

I have high hopes for 2023! I am hoping to really challenge myself this year, which can often be hard for me!! In 2023, I want to hold myself more accountable, so cheers to that!

What wisdom will you bring into the new year with you? These are a few of the things I learned this year. I hope they

  1. Don't be scared to chase your dreams.

  2. Just do it - whatever is it, start it.

  3. Self Work is the best work

  4. Self-awareness is the key to the kingdom.

  5. Look before you leap

  6. Balance does not exist

  7. Embrace Change

  8. Just about every emotion you experience is temporary

  9. Prioritizing your mental health is the most important

  10. Speak up

  11. Self-care is a priority, not a privilege

  12. Don't compromise your values

  13. Everything happens for a reason

  14. Being vulnerable can be a beautiful experience

  15. It costs nothing to be kind to others

  16. If you are uncomfortable, you are probably growing

  17. Learn to trust your gut

  18. Set appropriate boundaries

  19. Don't be scared to walk your own path

  20. Make every moment count

While writing this list I remember how much I have to remind myself of each one of these little lessons. I find these 20 things to help keep me focused and on track. I hope they can help you too!

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