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Sleep Hygiene & Its Importance

Sleep has never come easy to me. I have been prescribed different types of sleeping pills over the years, they worked for a while and then eventually it stopped working for me. I also don't really love to have to be medicated to get some sleep so I have really been working on my bedtime routine.

Figuring out a sleep routine that works for me has been super important for me. It has taken me years honestly and I still have some pretty bad nights sometimes. I typically use my Kindle Oasis every night before bed, it helps make my eyes tired and I typically fall asleep reading.

Quality sleep isn't always easy to achieve. Poor sleep habits, whether caused by stress, a busy schedule, a poor diet, or lack of exercise can exacerbate any anxiousness you're already feeling and throw you into a damaging cycle of poor sleep. So, how can you break this cycle and get the restful sleep you need? Understanding what good sleep hygiene means so that you can establish an evening routine is essential for a successful slumber.

Reading is a great way to unwind at the end of the day and settle into bed. Your choice of reading material should be a matter of preference, but keep in mind what your overall goal is. If you’re reading to fall asleep, avoid a page-turning novel that could make you stay up later than you should. Ideally, read something that relaxes you.

I'm going to share 12 secrets for a good night's sleep:

  1. Avoid caffeine after 1 P.M.

  2. Skip snacking 2-3 hours before bed

  3. Meditate, Read a Book, or Take a Bath 30 minutes before bed

  4. Turn off all Electronics 1 hour before bed

  5. Use bed linens that are comfortable for you, for me this is a lighter sheet, I will link them here.

  6. Turn off all the lights - I have to sleep in complete darkness, not even the light from the fan can be glowing.

  7. Turn on a Fan or turn down the heat - whichever you prefer!

  8. Use a weighted blanket

  9. Journal to release your thoughts

  10. Don't get in bed until right before it's time to sleep

  11. Go to bed at the same time every night

  12. Turn on a relaxing playlist

A few Books I've been recommended by my Doctors are:

"A New York Times bestseller and international sensation, this “stimulating and important book” (Financial Times) is a fascinating dive into the purpose and power of slumber."

"Do you ever wonder what is happening inside your brain when you feel anxious, panicked, and worried? In Rewire Your Anxious Brain, psychologist Catherine Pittman and author Elizabeth Karle offer a unique, evidence-based solution to overcoming anxiety based in cutting-edge neuroscience and research."

"From the host of the Sleep Unplugged podcast—with cutting-edge sleep science and time-tested techniques, The Sleep Solution will help anyone achieve healthy sleep and eliminate pills, pain, and fatigue."

Things that help me sleep soundly:

  • Smaller Fan for bedside table - I use this Honeywell Fan - I bring it everywhere!

  • Blackout Curtains - this is exactly what I use, keep in mind I use this on a glass sliding door & I like it because I can bring it with me places.. hahah

I really hope that this article helped you learn a few tricks to help you get into a better bedtime routine! And if there are any awesome sleep tips or tricks you think I could benefit from, I would love to hear from you!!

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